Who is Fitzsu? | It is all about Fitz and Su.

We are Fitz and Su, and Fitzsu is our life.  We have been champions of modernity since we met 20 years ago and Fitzsu is just us sharing our passion for something we find truly inspirational--modern design.

Since 2001, we have been selling modern home and personal accessories that touch all aspects of life: cooking, eating, sleeping, working, and playing.  These are objects we use. If we don’t use it, we’ve tried it and sometimes demonstrate it on line.  Before we put a product on our website, we want to understand it, why the designer designed it that way and how it is constructed at the factory. 

We don’t want to sell everything, only the things we believe in.

As much fun as we have selling modern design we want you to have owning it.  Therefore our relationship with our customers has always been very important. The dialog we have with each other about design is the dialog we love having with you. That is why you will talk to a live knowledgeable person, most likely one of us, when you call during our office hours. 

It seems trite now to mention that the impetus to open a modern design store was the fact that there wasn’t one to register in at the time we got married.  So we got married and opened a design store you could register in.  This was before the internet. Now, we still have the only wedding registry for modernists, with a large selection of dinnerware, flatware, glassware, cookware, and more that is specifically and only modern.  Architects, designers and modernists around the country can now register with fitzsu.com without leaving their homes but with the personal connection you would get at a store.

The modern concepts of Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and You Tube add more excitement to the dialog.  We hope you will join us in the conversation by following us and sharing with us your own insights into modern design.