Plaid Dog Crate Covers: The perfect place to use a trending pattern.

I am currently amused with this year’s plaid come-back. From curtains to modern Italian furniture, interesting plaids are accenting rooms in all the home design media and with great flair. Plaid is no longer just for Scottish skirts, Lumberjacks and the inside of a Burberry jacket. There are so many diverse interpretations and color combinations available now to bring a little character to all kinds of interior situations and I really want to have fun with it.


Unfortunately, I do not need to recover or buy a piece of furniture at the moment to satisfy my curiosity. But I did find a few ways to introduce tartan into my living landscape. Initially, a winter green and grey plaid runner for the table worked splendidly for dinner parties throughout the holiday season. Of course, adding a couple pillows in a complimentary color combination of overlapping stripes could work; but finally, in anticipation of our Mini-Schnauzer puppies, plaid crate covers came to mind.

We have two puppies from the same litter who are impossible to differentiate, so I decided to give each its own plaid scheme.  I adjusted a thorough tutorial for making a dog crate cover from and, thanks to instructions from,  my kids have comfortable matching bumper pads for the inside.

For what might be a fleeting fancy of mine, this was a perfect solution.  Now I have two rectangular boxes cloaked in fantastic plaid for their comfort and my enjoyment.  If I tire of it, I can always change the covers to my next fascination: but for now, I am quite tickled to live with this unexpected interest of mine and my charming but devilish mini-schnauzer puppies.

Harold and Maude hanging out in their crates

Harold and Maude hanging out in their crates